Darren Kling has had a life long passion for art and has been making paintings for over 20 years. Darren grew up in Colorado and has since lived in Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon. He currently lives in Central Oregon where he daylights as a hot air balloon pilot. Darren began painting in 1993 at the same time he started flying balloons in Montana. The Pacific Northwest has been his playground ever since, the surrounding landscapes became the rhythm that his life would follow. If his paintings had to be about one thing they are an expression of this rhythm. With out any formal painting instruction it was the outdoor environment that inspired and informed his work. When not flying balloons, it was skiing, kayaking, mt. biking or just being on the trail that gave Darren an intimate knowledge and appreciation for the endless rhythms and flow that comes from being fully engaged with the natural environment. 

Living off grid in the high desert of Central Oregon now provides Darren with a backdrop of deep river canyons, ancient rock formations, volcanic buttes and mountain ranges to explore. These influences can now be seen taking shape in his current body of paintings.